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ICC archives made available to watch during corona virus pandemic

Videos of old cricket matches have been opened up for the first time and made available to watch by the International Cricket Council.

In an unprecedented move, the ICC will allow fans to watch memorable moments,highlights and classic ICC films. This means fans can watch over 45 years of classic content via the ICC's social channels. Plus, all the content has been made available to host broadcasters eg; Sky Sports. Fans will be able to recap and watch content such as the one day world cups, champions' trophy and the t20 world cups.

On the announcement of the release ICC chief executive Manu Sawhney said "We are facing unprecedented times as a sports industry and the need to connect with our fan communities is perhaps greater than ever. With no live cricket to unite our fans around the world we thought the next best thing would be to release our archive to broadcast partners so fans can enjoy some magnificent memories."

"The need to connect with our fan communities is perhaps greater than ever."Above; Manu Sawhney ICC chief executive

"We hope this move will help our broadcast partners replace cancelled sports fixtures with some highly engaging content and give cricket fans the opportunity to relive some of the great cricketing moments whilst we all stay at home."

As part of the move, a special film about the 2019 world cup and England's historic win will be released to provide the fans with behind the scenes access to that world cup. Moreover, there will be watch parties on the ICC's Facebook group to ensure that people feel less isolated in these troubling times.

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