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County Players agree unprecedented support package to help cricket combat corona virus

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

County Players have agreed a huge voluntary support package to ensure the future of the first class game in light of the corona virus crisis.

On Wednesday, the PCA , ECB and the 18 first class counties announced that a ‘support package’ which sets ‘maximum reductions’ in salaries would be put in place during April and May.

Players have also agreed to be furloughed if deemed necessary by their clubs. Essex is one county which announced the furloughing of players shortly after the announcement by the PCA.

On Hold : Essex’s hopes of retaining the County Championship

Essex Chief Executive Derek Bowden said ‘The club will operate with reduced staff throughout April, with regular assessments taking place beyond that’. Essex had a successful season last year winning both the blast and the county championship. Bowden went on to say that he hopes it ‘will be for as short a period of time as possible and that we can all get back to work and enjoy some cricket in the near future.’

In Addition, Players have ‘voluntarily’ agreed to take pay-cuts whilst the PCA is donating £1 million pounds in 2020 prize money.

The full list of clubs that currently has furloughed players and staff are Essex,Kent,Glamorgan,Leicestershire,Worcstershire and Yorkshire. The use of the governments job retention scheme should in theory help these clubs survive due to the lack of cricket.

Rishi Sunak’s Furlough Scheme is being used by many of the clubs to ensure financial stability

The county championship was due to begin this Sunday however no cricket will be played until May 28th at the earliest. Clubs are now bracing for the impact that a lack of cricket may have financially and the players’ announcements will help to provide certainty.

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